• What Now?

    Is an insurance company calling you? Offering a settlement? Be careful:

    • Do you know the real value of your case? (Hint: It’s not what they offer)
    • What if you have medical bills or other expenses?
    • Are you comfortable saying no to a smooth-talking adjuster?
  • Meet Us

    We fight for results for our clients, because clients come first.

    • Attorney Tom Rist has worked for insurance companies. He knows their game.
    • He uses this inside knowledge to defend his community from self-interested companies.
    • Every case is our most important case.
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West Virginia Lawyer

Rist Law Offices

Rist Law Office brings extensive experience to a client-focused legal practice. Tom knows what insurance companies look for when they put a dollar value on your case, because he’s worked for them. With Rist, you’ll have our personal numbers. We’ll front the legal costs for injured victims (who only owe us if we settle or win.) And our dedication will take us anywhere in WV to meet with you to help.

16 Oct
Injuries Reported in Sophia, WV School Bus Accident

Several people were injured when an SUV reportedly ran a stop sign and struck a school bus.  According to a story at WVNSTV.com several of the injured children were students.  The accident happened in Sophia, West Virginia. Our office has handled complex bus accident cases in West Virginia.  This type of case places a higher […]

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